Apostillation of Documents

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Apostillation of Documents

Apostillation is a procedure that consists in obtaining a stamp (Apostilla) from the competent authorities of a state party to the Hague Convention on the official documents issued in that country that are to be used on the territory of another state party to the Convention .

EXCELENTIA TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION CENTRE > offers you representation services for apostillation at any of the competent authorities, in any Romanian county:

  • AT THE PREFECT’S OFFICE, Apostille is applied on the administrative and official documents
  • At the COURT of LAW, Apostille is applied only on the documents issued by institutions within the Ministry of Justice
  • At the CHAMBER OF NOTARIES PUBLIC, Apostille is applied on the original documents issued by the Notary Public, certified copies or legalized translations

Contact us directly for an accurate simulation. You will receive in a detailed manner the type of procedure depending on the type of document, time and costs

Apostilarea documentelor