Interpretation Services

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Interpretation Services

Depending on the customer’s request, we can provide consecutive interpreting services or simultaneous interpreting (‘headset’).
The consecutive interpreting service can take place in various locations, such as offices of Notaries Public, law firms, headquarters of legal persons, institutions like Register Office, Police or on different occasions such as business meetings and not only. In this case, the interpreter translates a few sentences for the interlocutor or for a small group of people, alternating with the speaker, acting as an intermediary between him/her and the listener.
The simultaneous interpreting services or interpreting, using headsets and booth is suitable in particular for events of a certain magnitude, such as conferences, seminars, congresses, symposia, but not limited to these. The interpreter translates in real time using specialized equipment, such as translation desk, receptors, microphones, sound system.

Simultaneous or consecutive online interpreting via the Zoom platform (Professional, ideal for the simultaneous interpreting option), but not only, is a service that the EXCELENTIA Translation Center offers to clients who need real-time translation for various events, workshops, etc. The pandemic has taught us to look for feasible solutions for the current context. Online interpreting is one of these solutions.

EXCELENTIA TRANSLATION AND INTEPRETATION CENTRE has in its team certified interpreters with more than 15 years of extensive experience in conference interpreting.

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