Benefits for Companies

10 benefits for companies, which can also become benefits for your company.

The legal entities with which you have signed translation service agreements benefit from a special treatment from EXCELENTIA AGENCY, consisting essentially of:

1. Price estimate and deadline setting, according to the client’s request, as soon as possible (even within a few minutes from receiving the request via email)
2. Constantly assigning the same team of translators, consisting of translators and Project Manager, for each and every order from a certain company,
3. Assistance in respect of certain special procedures related to the document or documentation in question
4. Prioritized processing of the orders
5. Special attention to language, specialized terms, details, images and tables processing, revision
6. Maximum confidentiality
7. Strictly complying with the deadline and the delivery of translation even before deadline, if possible
8. Processing large orders of tens, hundreds of pages in short time intervals
9. Immediate delivery of the scanned authorized translation via e-mail
10. Flexible payment terms (monthly, bimonthly) contractually established

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